Propylene Glycol: Is This Common Food Additive Safe?

From the sound of its name, it’s likely nothing unexpected that propylene glycol is an engineered substance. (It’s really the primary fixing in liquid catalyst!) And in spite of the fact that its security is faulty, it’s a staggeringly normal sustenance added substance that the FDA considers “For the most part Recognized As Safe” (alongside fake nourishment colors).

Have you at any point seen propylene glycol on a nourishment mark and pondered, is it safe? Me as well, and this is what I discovered!

What Is Propylene Glycol?

Propylene glycol is gotten from oil and is a thick dismal, unscented substance with a sweet taste. Nourishment producers esteem it for its capacity to keep a substance soggy, look after surface, and blend with nearly anything (oil, liquor, and water). On account of these properties and in light of the fact that it is commonly perceived as sheltered, it has turned into a typical nourishment added substance in handled or instant sustenance things.

Handled sustenance things containing propylene glycol are regularly nourishments that require thickening, emulsifying, or settling properties. These include:

Plate of mixed greens dressing

Fluid fake enhancing

Frozen yogurt

Fake sugar


Soda pops


Puddings and treats

Sauces and plunges

Propylene glycol is additionally regularly added to body care items, makeup, and meds.

Is Propylene Glycol Safe?

The wellbeing of propylene glycol relies upon the portion and individual defenselessness. So it is conceivable that in the event that you are 100% solid, introduction to little sums once in a blue moon may be alright.

Shockingly, when individuals expend the handled nourishments recorded above, they normally devour a sizable sum all the time, which is unquestionably not beneficial.

Physiological Side Effects of Propylene Glycol

Utilization of propylene glycol has many known impacts … here are the big deal.

Ferments the Blood

Propylene glycol retains in all respects rapidly in the small digestive tract with pinnacle levels identified in the blood around a hour after ingestion. It is likewise immediately wiped out (practically half of what is devoured is left following 4 hours).

About 55% of this is used into lactic and pyruvic acids, while the remaining is dispensed with by the kidneys (source).

These lactic and pyruvic acids make the blood increasingly acidic. At low dosages, the kidneys can promptly re-balance the blood alkalinity. In any case, higher dosages of propylene glycol can ferment the blood, harm the kidneys, and cause danger. This is the reason predictable utilization in huge sums is a terrible thought.

In a sufficiently expansive sum it can ferment the blood to the point that it requires crisis medicinal consideration. There are a couple of case reports, incorporating into the New England Journal of Medicine, when patients infused with mental medications containing propylene glycol were appeared to rapidly create acidosis that can cause a state of extreme lethargy and kidney disappointment. Propylene glycol poisonous quality can likewise result in comparable side effects to sepsis or serious fiery reaction disorder (source).

While it is conceivable to accomplish this dose level by ingesting it, this response is normally possibly announced when it is directed at an extremely high portion of over ~2 grams (source).

Adds to Leaky Cells and Leaky Gut

Like cleanser, propylene glycol is a surfactant, which implies it can break the hindrance among fat and water. Our cell layers are made with meager layers of fat atoms, which can be effectively disturbed by surfactants like propylene glycol.

Pharmaceutical organizations profit by this property by blending or artificially restricting medication atoms to propylene glycol to expand the medication assimilation rate (source). This is the situation for the two medications that are taken orally and topically.

Cells presented to propylene glycol turn out to be progressively penetrable to different particles (source). (This is the reason the wellbeing of e-cigarettes containing propylene glycol together with nicotine and malignancy causing substances is entirely faulty).


Right now, there is no examination that straightforwardly tests whether propylene glycol causes defective gut and the provocative medical issues brought about by the broken gut. Be that as it may, in a test tube think about, propylene glycol even at low fixation decimated some gut cells (source).

The individuals who battle with defective gut, immune system sicknesses, or stomach related problems, might need to consider keeping away from propylene glycol therefore.

Expands Risks of Childhood Allergies and Asthma

What’s more, if that is insufficient, it might influence our children too.

As an unpredictable natural compound (VOC) radiated from building materials, furniture, paint, cover and such, propylene glycol can exasperate the safe framework. In an investigation assessing the impacts of propylene glycol and glycol ether vapors noticeable all around on preschool kids’ wellbeing, the creators found that the nearness of such synthetic substances in a youngster’s room air is related with:

1.5-crease expanded dangers of asthma

2.8-crease expanded dangers of unfavorably susceptible rhinitis (feed fever)

1.6-overlap expanded dangers of dermatitis (source)

A decent air purifier can help evacuate airborne synthetic concoctions and is an extraordinary thought in any dozing space.

Aggravates the Skin

Propylene glycol has been accounted for as a skin aggravation that can cause dermatitis, a dermatitis like rash (source). At the point when added to skin, body care, and corrective items, it can truly disturb skin issues. (Amusingly, usually a fixing in topical meds to treat these skin conditions! How does that bode well?!)

At the point when to Avoid Propylene Glycol

A few people are progressively touchy to the symptoms of propylene glycol than others. The individuals who are by and large advised to keep away from it are:

Individuals with liver or kidney issues, in light of the fact that the liver and kidneys are in charge of killing propylene glycol and its side-effects

Pregnant ladies, children, and babies as they have decreased capacity to deal with these sorts of fixings (source)

Individuals with provocative medical issues since it can disturb cells and cause defective gut

Individuals with stomach related issues since it will additionally chafe the gut cells

Luckily, it is conceivable to stay away from as well as decrease your presentation to however much as could reasonably be expected.

Step by step instructions to Avoid Propylene Glycol

Lamentably, this added substance is in a great deal of normal items, so it takes some determination to evade it! A couple of tips:

Maintain a strategic distance from Processed Foods

The most ideal approach to maintain a strategic distance from nourishments unsafe fixings, for example, propylene glycol is to eat home-prepared suppers most of the time. Counterfeit fixings are not important to make sustenance flavorful. It is conceivable to supplant the impacts of these kinds of added substances with other, common fixings, for example, without gluten starch or gelatin as a thickener or stabilizer.

Peruse Labels and Buy from Trustworthy Brands

Continuously check the marks of your nourishment fixings and other family unit items for propylene glycol and its equivalent word, propane-1,2-diol.

I like to utilize brands that never put such risky fixings in their items, as Primal Kitchen for mayonnaise for sauces and dressings.

Check Your Skincare, Body Care, and Home Care Products

Propylene glycol is wherever in customary items that individuals put on their skin each and every day. Not just that, these skin items frequently contain other lethal synthetic concoctions that will be all the more promptly ingested through your skin since it makes your skin increasingly penetrable.

Rather, depend on natural items or make your very own excellence items.

Use Air and Water Purifiers

In spite of best endeavors to maintain a strategic distance from propylene glycol in sustenances and different items, introduction is as yet conceivable noticeable all around or water in your home. Great ventilation (counting opening windows to air the house out), a great air purifier in dozing rooms, and a water channel for drinking and shower water are imperative.

We’ve attempted a few channels throughout the years and I’ve given my audit of the best air and water channel choices we’ve found. [easy-social-share counters=0 style="button" hide_mobile="yes" point_type="simple"] [easy-social-share buttons="facebook,pinterest,whatsapp" counters=0 style="button" only_mobile="yes" point_type="simple"]

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